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The granite massif of Mount Abu divides the district into two portions, running from north-east to south-west.The south and south-east part of the district, which lies between Mount Abu and the main spine of the Aravallis, is mountainous and rugged, and is drained by the West Banas River.The portion of the district west and north of Mount Abu is drier, lying in the rain shadow of the mountain, which blocks the southwest monsoon.The southwest corner of the district is drained by the Sukri river, an intermittent stream that drains the western slope of Mount Abu.Abu Road is the biggest city and the main financial hub of Sirohi District.

About the Activity: The scorching desert is the ideal venue for a magical and memorable day.Abu Road, a station on the main Delhi-Ahmedabad rail line, lies in the valley of the West Banas.Dry deciduous forest is common in this part of the district, and the higher elevations of Mount Abu are covered in conifer forests.Continue biking towards Fatah Sagar Lake and breath in the fresh country air.End your tour of mountain biking of 18 km by cycling back to the Ganesh Ghati.

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