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However, Elizabeth quickly shut down the gossip mill by bluntly telling Refinery 29 that they were definitely not dating.Tom once said in a GQ interview that he'd tell people if he was actually dating anyone, and this certainly proved true with Taylor.According to , Taylor's fans tracked her plane and noticed that it flew from LA to New York to London's Stansted airport.That might be all well and good for a jet-setting superstar like Taylor, but the fans also pointed out to the site that Taylor and Tom flew into Stansted when she met his mom. (We kid, maybe Luton airport was just busy that day.

Not only is the British actor quite the heartthrob, but his relationship with the singer marked one of the first times he had ever gone public with a relationship.

As always, we at feel compelled to remind you that until the parties in question — in this case, Taylor and Tom — confirm or deny the rumors, that's all they are.

Both stars have been pretty silent on social media in the past few days, even holiday-loving Taylor.

actor was photographed on a stroll in Hampstead, North London on Nov. We don’t know who the lady is, but she bears a striking resemblance to miss Taylor Swift, 26, who Tom split with just two months earlier after a whirlwind summer romance.

13, and we were shocked to see a lovely young blonde woman by his side! Her blonde hair, razor sharp cheekbones and button nose all remind us of the songstress. The actor carried sheets of paper in his hands while showing off a dark navy wool jacket with sharp lapels over a grey sweatshirt.

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