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Bouchard will travel to Qatar, Dubai and Budapest for WTA Tour events, before returning to the United States in March. Not that Goehrke, a 20-year old University of Missouri junior, is letting those mitigating factors dampen his excitement. “I saw the tweet and I wasn’t assuming the game was over because I knew how good the Patriots were and how good Tom Brady was. "I thought it would be funny to comment something just to say whatever, like, ‘You’re crazy if you think this is over.’ . Currently, if you don’t cooperate to the level the NFL deems acceptable, you will be punished and there’s not much you can do about it.“Well, I actually think it is a great opportunity for the players to come together and the players to recognize all the things that we have negotiated and as we negotiate hopefully a CBA extension, that we as players come together to really stand up for the things that we believe in and continue to fight just as the players that fought before us,” Brady said.“I think I have great respect for the guys who fought to stand up for the rights of the players just as myself and certain players did in 2011.

With Tom Brady’s New England Patriots 28-3 down in the third quarter of the Super Bowl, the vast majority of those watching were confident that the Atlanta Falcons were coasting their way to their first ever World Championship title.In July, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell upheld a four-game suspension of Brady, concluding the quarterback colluded with two Patriots ball handlers to deflate footballs before the 45-7 victory over the Colts. Meanwhile, Gisele is believed to have undergone a secret boob job and eye lift at a plastic surgery clinic in Paris in mid-July.She wore a burqa as she checked into the clinic, hoping to keep the procedure a secret.The New York Post's Page Six claimed the model was allegedly concerned that her breasts had sagged as a result of her two pregnancies.Sources told the newspaper the Gisele's two procedures cost a total of ,000 and were meant as a 35th birthday and retirement present to herself.

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But most of us aren’t going on a date with a stranger because of it.

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