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The advantage of our holidays is that you travel with other single people and solo travellers.No Children, No Couples, No Large Crouds, No Hassels. , 27 , : Kiev Euro Marathon Horizon Park Women Challenge () Race Horizon Park Maidan ().28 , . , 27 , : Kiev Euro Marathon Horizon Park Women Challenge () Race Horizon Park Maidan ().28 , .

The tantalising series, based on an Italian format, asks singles matched by their potential compatibility to strip each other down to their underwear at the start of a half-hour date in a room featuring only a bed, a big-screen TV and cameras.

So, give Tinder the flick and boot scoot, bop or backflip (yoga-style) along to these 8* of the best loved-up Queensland events.

On numbers alone, the Gympie Music Muster (24-27 August 2017) leads the field of loved-up events.

"But once I was in there in the bed in my underwear I was comfortable." At the end of the revealing speed date, Jackson and his date Candice, a 24-year-old retail manager from Brisbane, had to decide if they wanted to see each other again.

According to recent research, live events – whether music festivals or sporting spectacles – will super-charge your chances of finding true love.

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  1. He said he wanted to be with me and that he would move to Nashville with me when he was done with school. The next day, he deleted me off Facebook and completely stopped answering my calls/texts. I found out a year ago that he got arrested for burglary with a deadly weapon and he was in jail. "—Bree Manning, Facebook "The dude was a couple years older than me.