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with Bianca King Tuesday, July 21, Rhian described her time with Mo after their separation as heartbreaking saying she felt she was not herself at that time.However, she managed to get herself back on track.“I really don’t know if I would be who I am today if it weren’t for KC.“First of all, I don’t know why this Troy/Aubrey thing got so angry.It started with me having a somewhat private conversation with a follower of mine regarding some chismis. This time it’s between Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero on one side and DJ Mo Twister on the other.

“-(eye)lashes.” That’s why upon accepting the project, the first thing she requested was her character’s look because, “I want it to look the way Hollywood does it, you know, when they have the role, they become the person — ‘ As part of her preparation for her role, Rhian took time out to know more about the illness through her best friend who got leukemia. It affects everyone which is really how it is when a member of the family gets sick; it’s not just one person but the whole family feels it, too.” Asked how similar she is to her character, Rhian answers, “Joy is really and I’m like that, too.The tweet I addressed to this follower was to that person and not to the general public.“Apparently, Aubrey read the message and assumed it was about her.They meet Lucas (Tom Rodriguez) in two separate occasions and both excitedly confide in each other about the guy who makes their hearts beat faster, not knowing that they are talking about the same man.“It’s not even a question of accepting (the project),” says Rhian on portraying a terminally-ill character.

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