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Which was ironic, because my friends exclusively identified him as “The Farmer.” There’s a lot of romanticizing that happens around the idea of being a farmer — hell, enough so that betrothed couples across the country are banging down the barn door to get married on mist-laden agrarian dreamscapes. We talked a fair amount about his farm, roughly two hours from the city, but it always felt like it existed in a sort of alternate universe that didn’t have anything to do with the one in which we drank beers at pool bars.

But I also had my own agenda: I wanted to know if I moved to the country whether there would be someone there worth having a relationship with. Farmers Match is the best and free dating app only for farmers, ranchers, cowboys or cowgirls, rural singles and anyone who enjoys their life in the country.This app is easy to use, with the familiar swipe function that Tinder users will recognize.And on the many nights when I waited for a guy to call, I doped up on rural romances.I treated my disappointment with the hope that outside city limits there was a place—Farmland, America—where the cowboys were monogamous and the vegetable growers knew how to ask a girl out.

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