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It matters how much colon was removed and where in teh GI tract it was removed from to determine the most specific help for you.

Speak to them, especially since you have a new diagnosis. The cheap ones, just don't seem to make a difference.

I will try them again in a few days to see if that happens again. While someone here WITH an ostomy may be able to give you helpful advice - from their experience, the nurses in this specialty (enterstomal therapists) will be able to help you the most.

They have extra training and certification in this area, work with ostomy patients daily, BUT most of all - have (or can get) information related to your specific surgery.

I have been dating a guy for about 5 weeks, we have seen each other about 2 -3 times per week and we are going on fun dates to see live music, play pool, go to unique places the city has to offer. We have fooled around a few times - to be honest, I have had my top off, but not my bottoms.

I would stay away from a Crohn's patient if I had Crohn's for the same reason Jewish people get genetic testing before they marry: It's too risky! and found lots of supportive people on there, so that one still exists too!

I would like to share my fears I have about meeting other people who have the same side effects and how they deal with them.... Well I am a member of Osto Date and they let you read messages and send wink stuff for free. What I mean the best of both free and paid sites rolled into one.

They only charge for the privilege of sending messages in your own words. I honestly can't knock Osto Date because it is a really good site and glad there are sites like this for us - the golden age of the Internet...

Body image is the way we see ourselves in the mirror and like to imagine our appearance.

Although the change seems so great to oneself, most others do not see the ostomy as changing in any major way the person they love.

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