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When it comes to SEALs, Shin writes, "There are some who want to know what it’s like to be one, and others who want to know what it takes to become one.

Then, there are those who want to know what it might be like to, well, 'be' with one." SEALs are "superheroes without the spandex," one romance author explained.

Romance publishers, which accept a huge number of unsolicited manuscripts, are bracing for an onslaught of SEAL-themed pitches in the coming weeks. The way the teams work, the training the men have gone through.

Where they do their missions," Marliss Melton, a successful SEAL romance author, told Shin.

Thomas Chaby, appointed by Mc Raven to lead an effort to restore the force.

" 'Frayed' I don't think captures how dire some of the findings are."Chaby says he is particularly concerned that the percentage of troops seeking therapy -- 4% -- is only a fraction of those suffering from PTSD, alcohol abuse and other emotional issues, leaving potentially thousands untreated.

In other words, Luttrell literally has an army at the ready to defend his daughter!

Luttrell goes on to say that if the boy makes the cut, then he can talk to his daughter over the phone, provided Luttrell holds the phone. Finally, he says he wants to get a chastity belt made “w/ a SEAL trident engraved on it [that] reads ‘Ask father for key.’ He’s the 6’5 250lbs tattooed maniac that’s chained to the wall.

Kunkle explains, "Even apparently well-grounded adults talk about the SEALs as the closest thing we know to comic book characters: 's Annys Shin reports.

Nothing is sadder than getting mugged while listening to Adele and thinking about your ex anyway. ) “Many women say ‘I want to carry a gun, I feel so powerful carrying a gun’, but the reality is that defending yourself with a gun takes incredible commitment.” (Translation: most of us have no clue how to use them.) “I’m a fan of carrying a jet pepper spray or an aerosol pepper spray.

This is coming from a girl who got her phone ripped out of her hands, mid-text, while standing in front of her ex’s house. It looks like a mini-flashlight, you can put on your keychain and people will have no idea what it is.

The results of a first-ever survey of special operations forces, troops drawn from all four branches of the military, show a highly trained force where small sectors are struggling with alcohol abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, anger and emotional numbness.

As many as one in four admit sleeping five or fewer hours each night.

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