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It featured a solid but not superb cast, and had a couple of cuts in the score.

Regrettably, that is one of the few historical Soviet-era opera recordings that has not yet made its way onto CD, though it should.

He was finally arrested during the Great Purge in 1935 and executed by fire squad in 1936.

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But he was silently becoming more and more frustrated.It is uncut -- or at least it was on my LP version, where Act 3 times out about 3 minutes longer than here, while the times for the other acts match precisely.However I could not detect any omission in an A-B comparative listening of this two-CD set, with both CDs filled to the 80-minute brim, against my LP 2003 the Dynamic label issued a performance led by Gennady Rozhdestvensky, with singing that unfortunately can only be described as atrocious.This recording, dating from 1978, is the strongest of the lot.

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