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The lecture covered every stage of a relationship, from the pursuit to the fallout, but much of the advice was focused on becoming a better person before and while dating.“You will not find the right person until you become the right person,” Coleman said.

“If you don’t like yourself, who will want to date you?

David has been featured in such fine publications as Men’s Health, Glamour, Celebrity Living, Mademoiselle, Women’s World, Cosmopolitan, The USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and The New York Times.

The couple were seen "giggling together" and being "very affectionate" at the event.

Relationship expert David Coleman is known worldwide as The Dating Doctor.

He has been speaking on college campuses for more than twenty years about the complexities of dating, relationships, romance and sex. and 101 Great Dates are filled with anecdotes, strategies and ideas to help expand one's relationships and potential.

Hughes was said to have got so jealous that he decided to try his luck with Coleman shortly afterwards.

A friend claimed: "Harry is largely responsible for them getting together. They flirted and spent the evening together and Harry took her number and they saw each other a couple of times."Tom was also on the scene and made it very clear that he wasn't happy about Harry making a move on Jenna.

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