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Seventy-three summers ago, in the pre-dawn hours, planes rumbled down runways, gliders and paratroopers slipped through the sky, an armada turned the Channel black with ships and more than 150,000 brave souls set off towards a tiny sliver of sand upon which hung the course of freedom and history.

Farmers said more must be done to prevent bird flu spreading from back-yard poultry flocks, amid fears the latest outbreak could have consequences for East Anglia’s valuable commercial poultry sector.

However, because of his detachment from emotions, he could come off as unpleasant, fearsome, and ruthless.

He became harder to trust, and acknowledged his shift toward negative personality traits, feeling incensed and fearful at what he was changing into.

Unique amongst his incarnations, the Twelfth Doctor would not travel full time with the large majority of his companions, with some like Clara Oswald and Bill Potts taking breaks from the TARDIS between travels, some like Hattie Munroe taking the occasional trip, and some like Jata being involved in various side quests during a longer trip.

It was at St Luke's University that the Doctor began travelling with Bill Potts, occasionally being joined by Nardole who was helping the Doctor to guard the vault.

Dan Rooney died Thursday, and it took the media world a half day to move on to the next story. I hope you read about Rooney, but if not, there’s 6,000 more words here about the rest of the football world.

Roger Goodell remembers Dan Rooney, the late Steelers owner and an NFL treasure. “It was exactly the same thing he’d said to me once before.” Eerily, it was.

Plus a closer look at the Dean Blandino mess in the NFL office and 10 draft tidbits, including how the Browns could pick 1 and 2 On March 31, two days after returning from a historic NFL owners meeting in Arizona (for several reasons), NFL commissioner Roger Goodell flew to Pittsburgh to see the ailing Steelers owner, Dan Rooney. Rooney, 84 and seriously ill, was now in a rehabilitation facility with major back problems and an undisclosed ailment. Same word, same smile too, as on a hot day in August 2006, in a hotel in Northbrook, Ill.

Riverfest 2017 will take place June 2-10 in and around the Arkansas River in downtown Wichita.“We strive to make Riverfest accessible to everyone, regardless of their interests or resources,” said Mary Beth Jarvis, president and CEO of WFI. “Our employees take great pride in serving the communities where they live and work.”Those present enjoyed a preview of the colorful mobile app, designed to coordinate with Riverfest 2017’s official artwork.

“Discounted pricing makes it easier for everyone to join the party, and our new mobile app will help our attendees find where and when their favorite events take place, and even inspire them to explore aspects of the festival they’ve never experienced before.”During the early-bird sales period, April 10-May 4, buttons are available at an early bird discount price of for adults and for children at Cox Solutions stores: 2240 N. The app, developed by Clutch Studios, will provide attendees with maps, event and concert schedules, notifications of festival updates, and even a scavenger hunt game that encourages Riverfest fans to explore the festival and identify locations with a series of clues.“This handy and fun app will energize the festival experience for attendees,” said Ebony Clemons, Community Relations Manager for Westar Energy.

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