Dating antique brass candlesticks

Collectibles are items that are collected as a hobby, either for display or as an investment.

Following these guidelines, brass items that are older than a hundred years would be considered antique.

More candlesticks have been made of brass than any other material.

Although many types and varieties abound, age and quality are very important factors when collecting.

Even then, thick areas under the bases were turned on lathes to remove yet more material, and to lighten the candle holder.

Another method that came about was to cast the holders in two halves that could be brazed together.

Antique brass should not be confused with brass that has been treated to look older, though that is sometimes called antiqued brass.

While individual pieces and manufacturers should be researched and evaluated for things like rarity and investment value, this guide is designed to give buyers a better idea of what is available and how to choose the best piece at the best price.

This definition is supported by the US Tariff Act of 1930.

A vintage item, on the other hand, is an item with lasting appeal, a high quality classic between 20 and 99 years old.

That way, the buyer can get the most for his or her money.

Traditionally, an item is considered to be an antique one hundred years after it was made.

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Earliest brass types had square or round holes in the side of the socket that would allow for picking the stub out.

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