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Topics: bankruptcy, Barack Obama, College, College tuition, Congress, Editor's Picks, Elizabeth Warren, Federal Reserve, Kirsten Gillibrand, Social Security, Student Debt, Student Loan Debt, student loans, Students, Politics News, Business News It’s becoming an annual ritual.Every June, Congress debates what to do about the interest rate on federally subsidized student loans, to avert what this year will be the imminent doubling from 3.4 percent to 6.8 percent.Chapter 7 allows immediate forgiveness of all unsecured debts (except student loans, child support and alimony).If you are considering filing bankruptcy and think you meet the criteria for student loan discharge in a Chapter 7, you should know that the Harvard law study also revealed that a big factor in success was having a bankruptcy lawyer familiar with adversary proceedings and a track record of winning them.There are two kinds of bankruptcy available to consumers – chapter 7 and chapter 13.

But for student loans, your bankruptcy attorney must file an adversary proceeding.Calling the Helpline is free, and they offer no-cost consultations, so what I would suggest you do is call the Helpline, tell them about your specific financial situation, explain the details of your outstanding debt, and ask them if you’ve got a realistic chance at qualifying for a bankruptcy discharge.The Helpline is great because even if you don’t seem to qualify for a discharge via bankruptcy, they can suggest other opportunities like challenging the validity of your loans (via the Defense Against Repayment Provision), consolidating your debt, and doing other things that’ll reduce your financial liabilities.The indentured could not alter the terms of the contract, no matter their circumstances. This is also true for students snookered into matriculating at sketchy for-profit colleges, which offer almost no marketable skills or career preparedness to justify the cost.And it further describes recent college graduates who, through an accident of timing, entered the real world during the Great Recession and its aftermath, finding it difficult to obtain work in their field of study.

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Dealing with student loan debt isn’t easy, and it becomes increasingly difficult when you’re looking into bankruptcy proceedings and bankruptcy discharges.

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