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Then, the scientists studied the specimen’s facial-bone features, such as the size and angle of the jaw and characteristics of the eye sockets, to determine that the head belonged to a female.The researchers are calling the specimen Meritamun.A museum curator happened upon the remains during an audit and, concerned about the state of the specimen, sent it for a computed tomography (CT) scan.“Turns out, [the skull] is actually quite intact; it has got bandages and looks well on the inside,” said Varsha Pilbrow, a biological anthropologist in the University of Melbourne’s Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience.“Of course, that then allowed us to think what to do next.” [In Photos: Egypt’s Oldest Mummy Wrappings]With the help of an imaging specialist, Pilbrow and her team used the scans to create a 3D-printed replica of the mummy’s skull.on of Fishman Editions @ Ojai Photo Works is to collaborate with artists to create exhibition-quality fine art , museum quality digital prints that realize the full intent of each artist.I work with each artist individually and perform all printing myself to accomplish this goal.

Carbon dating is still the reference standard applied to measure the age of the most primitive and early visual symbols used in communication.

, offering scientists a tantalizing glimpse of the individual’s life and death.

The mummified head was discovered by accident in the collections of the University of Melbourne in Australia.

Fishman Editions @ Ojai Photo Works is committed to being a vocal advocate of the beauty, inherent qualities and archival stability of the fine digital print.

We provide museum quality printing of artwork using both grayscale carbon-based inks exclusively formulated for our black and white images and Epson K3 inks for our color images.

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They say she was probably not more than 25 years old at the time of her death and was important enough to be mummified.

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