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There are some 'yes to' and 'no to' this sort of thing but i saw Sailormoon games on the site.

So if I want to make a game base on Final Fantasy or the Bleach, and Naruto anime, saying something that-it's fan-based because I like the anime-not liscensed by the 'ppl in charge-I do not make a profit of selling this game, it's free for fans-and other I do not own this seriesand-using midi music for Final Fantasy (since ppl make it and it's suppose to be free)- Using game screenshot for backgrounds (if can't, I'll make my own).- Use own fan art of it (I guess we can't use the company's original art..we?

Sorry for the wait for all those who love this game!

I haven't really been into Bleach much anymore either so my inspiration sucks atm.

I'm not saying for sure it's just the likeliness that I'll work on it anytime soon is small. Do both one and two and see who can make it better. If nothing else, you or someone else should finish Ulqui's route for us.

The way I see it, you've got several choices for this:1.

Long ago, Apache, at the time still an Adjucha-class Hollow, was hunted by other Hollows when Halibel saved her life.

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Apache soon joins Halibel's group consisting of Sun-Sun and Mila Rose.

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